Amazon FeedbackWhiz Review

Amazon FeedbackWhiz Review

The Amazon FeedbackWhiz review system can be good or bad. Many reviews of the Amazon FeedbackWhiz by customers have been very negative. For those people looking for reviews of this program, a good place to look is on the Amazon forums.

The Amazon FeedbackWhiz review is a program that allows people to take surveys from Amazon. It uses the user’s responses to give them an insight into what the customer thinks about their product or service.

When you enter your e-mail address you will be sent surveys and may be included in the customer’s comments. The reports are sent via email. So it is possible to get dozens of surveys in a short period of time.

But some people were not pleased with this program at all. Many of the Amazon surveys that they received were not the product they wanted. They complained that the format of the surveys was not very informative.

Other customers complained that their feedback was lost in the system because the customer’s ratings were only shown in the top left hand corner of the page. These customers believed that they had submitted their comment in the correct place. Others said they were given wrong information about their ratings.

Some of the most problematic Amazon surveys asked for the most personal information including, name, address, social security number, etc. All of this is just too much for some of the consumers.

The Amazon FeedbackWhiz claims to be designed to help product owners but a lot of the users who tried the program found that it didn’t work like that. Sometimes, the products they ordered just weren’t what they wanted and now they are left with no money at all.

A few customer reviews state that the product is effective for the most part. The problems that people have with the Amazon FeedbackWhiz may not be problems with the product.

Amazon is now being sued for giving out survey questions that were too difficult for many consumers to answer. If this is true, this could be another case of a product that was not what it was supposed to be.

Another complaint that was made by a few customers was that Amazon limits the surveys that it gives out. This problem has caused some people to be frustrated and others are discouraged.

Despite the problems with the Amazon FeedbackWhiz, the program is still popular among product buyers. One good thing is that Amazon keeps adding new products to its database so there are always new items to take surveys on.

Overall, it is a good program to use if you want to save money on products that are very popular at Amazon. But if you don’t mind taking surveys about the products that are not very popular with consumers, you may want to consider using other programs.

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